Katniss Everdeen: Heroine on Fire

The Heroine's Journey One criticism of the Monomyth is its masculinity. Joseph Campbell's analysis of the Classics did not allow for a non-male main character. I defended Campbell and argued he merely analyzed texts from a more sexist, male dominated time in history on Wednesday. Fear not, the Monomyth is alive in our modern age … Continue reading Katniss Everdeen: Heroine on Fire



Thanks for the Submission "Thank you for the submission, but this is not what we are looking for at this time." These are the words that have kept me awake at night. Many authors have experienced similar rejection letters or the deafening silence from not receiving a letter from a publisher. It's hard to get … Continue reading Gatekeepers

Conversational Social Media

Please Like, Follow, Share, and Subscribe! "Like this post and get a coupon for free ice cream" "Follow us on Facebook and learn how you can be entered to win!" "Share the good news!" "Subscribe!" Does this look familiar? You would be hard pressed to find a content creator of a company on social media … Continue reading Conversational Social Media

How to Write a Complete Story: The Hero’s Journey

Writing the Time Tested Narrative The Hero's Journey is the ultimate formula for writing a complete story and bringing the best experience to your readers. It's the reason they are reading your book. No matter what genre, subject matter, theme, moral, or anything else, the reader is going to read it for the hero. People … Continue reading How to Write a Complete Story: The Hero’s Journey

Going Viral

"Is This Real Life?" Going viral has become a buzzword and a goal for many people from marketers to the casual person on social media. Many strive to produce stellar content that is easily shareable, entertaining, and possibly informative that will spread all over the internet. Going Viral is how a piece of Internet content, … Continue reading Going Viral


"I'll Show You Mine If You Show Me Yours First “...Let's compare scars. I'll show you whose is worse." These lyrics are more than just a popular Rise Against song. They speak to us as humans. People draw comparisons all the time. Our brains are wired for pictorial and pattern recognition and it gives us … Continue reading Comparisonitis

The Hard Truth of Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurs Build Businesses #entrepreneur, #startup, #beyourownboss fill my Twitter feed every day. Within seconds of opening the Twitter app, I'm bombarded with these hashtags, articles, and people trying to contact me. I don't even have a large list of people I follow and even fewer who follow me. I've heard it said and I'll echo … Continue reading The Hard Truth of Entrepreneurship

Let Me Google That For You

Helping the World by Being Passive-Aggressive Jim Garvin and Ryan Geary were sick of their friends asking them tech questions. In 2008, the duo created a website that did one thing, go to popular search engines on the internet and conduct searches. If you go to LMGTFY, you will be greeted with tiles depicting popular … Continue reading Let Me Google That For You

“How Was Your Day? – “Fine.”

Most Americans Hate Their Job Over 53% of Americans are unhappy with their jobs, according to Forbes. The Conference Board, a research nonprofit, has been running a job satisfaction survey every year since 1987. In the first year of the survey, over 61% of workers were satisfied with their jobs, the highest in the survey’s history. … Continue reading “How Was Your Day? – “Fine.”

Carrie’s Trigger – How to Pants a Novel

Carrie Reached Her Breaking Point Welcome to another Friday Fiction Breakdown your place to learn from the storytelling greats and apply it to your own writing. Let’s get into it. A Brief Discussion on Pantsing Tutorials Plotting isn’t the only way to write a book. In reflecting the last two Wednesday Writer’s Workshops, it appeared … Continue reading Carrie’s Trigger – How to Pants a Novel