Long Time Lurker, First Time Poster

This is my manifesto, my truth, and my vision for both myself and for Rae Publishing.

My name is Ryan Ross if we haven’t met. I live in the Cincinnati, Ohio area with my beautiful bride and our pup. I prefer dogs over cats, coffee over tea, winter over summer (in Ohio I can get summer and winter in the same day about 12 times a year), and I can’t stop writing.

I’ve never done this before. As the title implies, I’m a longtime lurker – Reddit, Tumblr, Copyblogger, Forbes, dozens of blogs – and I’ve written for several websites, but this one’s different. Before, I wrote as a ghost writer or as myself with the hope that if I wrote the right article, it would go viral, hit the top of Buzzfeed and Gizmodo and I’d become a household name, leading to huge writing gigs and tons of money. This is not that and I’m no longer that person.

Time to do the work.

My goal is to be the storytelling authorpreneur that people trust and recognize. I want people to come to me for entertainment and knowledge; and if I’ve done my job, then they will get both without knowing it. I want to give. I want to give the value of quality content, give entertainment, give escape, give knowledge, give joy, and when the time is right, only after all the giving, I’ll ask. If I can give you, dear readers, value in the blogs, social media posts and memes, forum discussions, emails, links to other resources, a platform to be heard yourself, inspiration, technical advice about writing or building a business and more, then I think you’ll return the favor by purchasing a book or buying editing services.

Do we have a deal?

Rae Publishing is only the beginning and the platform from which I will reach for the stars. Named after my wife’s middle name, Rae Publishing will be a story studio, pumping out books – from both myself and other authors, while offering editing services for both fiction and non; a source of forever free information in the way of the various blogs, social media, and an up and coming forum; a place for readers, writers, leaders, thought provokers, rebels, misfits, goodie two shoes, normal folk, and anyone else to commune together sharing thoughts, ideas, defeats, victories, and, of course, stories.

Let me be very transparent for a moment. There are other self-publishing and indie publishing studios with blogs, talking head Youtube videos, and podcasts. The internet is a big place. My goal isn’t to copy or rip them off. In fact, I’d like to become friends with them and learn from them. I have studied many and hope to emulate some of their traits, while remaining unique in the only way Rae Publishing can. As I’ll say in an up and coming Wednesday Writer’s Workshop article, every story has already been written (I’ll prove my point later, take that statement for what it is, for now). What matters with new content is that there are new characters and new perspectives. In the case of other indie publishers, I’m different because I’m not them. I have a personality, perspective, and history that’s different, and those differences influence my writing differently (and vision) than the other publisher’s personalities, perspectives, and histories. Sure, you may see some of the same information here and there; but think back to a research paper you had to write in grade school, if you found the same information in multiple places, then it was plausible that it was true. Finally, I’d like to think that some day those publishers will mimic some of the successful processes that I’ll implement and they are welcome to do so at any time.

The point of Daily Download is to chronicle my journey as I go from a guy who barely graduated college with an English degree, now working in technology, to a self-sustaining authorpreneur that is trusted by the community. I want to write for a living. I’ll write here, the other Rae Publishing blogs, guest posts on other blogs, books, screenplays, video game scripts, you name it. To achieve that goal I’ll work with Linux by day and with Scrivener by night and early mornings. I’ll publish my first book in a year, but I’m selling it now.

I’ll do the work and I want you to come along with me.

This is a daily gig. Please hit like, subscribe, and share if something in here spoke to you. I hope you would come back tomorrow. There will be something different every day.

Question: If you were to write a manifesto, what would it say? Please leave a comment.

Talk to you tomorrow.


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