The Start Up That Can’t Fail

Last week I wrote about being a blogger and copywriter for several different national websites and a few of my own that I started. That was an interesting time for me. I had just graduated from the University of Cincinnati and I was living back at home in my parent’s basement. Moving from the “big” city back to the valley was a shock. I got a job as a part-time bank teller, which worked out since I didn’t have to be at work until around noon. This allowed me to sleep in since I was usually up blogging or researching until 3 A.M.

I didn’t mind working at the bank. It taught me a lot about professionalism, customer service, personal responsibility, and counting huge wads of cash. Despite how easy my day job was, I lived for the night. I could spend hours scouring the Internet looking for obscure videos that fit the types of content that my clients were looking for. Once I found something, or had an idea for an article (usually “How To”), I would have to pitch it, get it approved, and then write it within a few days. This cycle of research, pitch, write, repeat made me feel alive. Writing for six or eight hours every night went by faster than working five hours as a teller.

The problem was with my attitude.

The problem was with my attitude. I thought that if I found the right video of a guy shooting a baseball fired out of a cannon with a bow an arrow while dressed as a chicken or write the best Top 10 listicle, then it would go viral, I would get tons of shared ad revenue from the traffic to my post and this would lead to bigger and better writing gigs. None of this happened. One by one, my paid writing clients said they were going with someone else or, in the case of one, I quit due to a dispute about the traffic to my posts and, thus, money. Soon, I was only writing inconsistently for the one blog that I started for free.

I was looking for the home run and not focusing on producing consistent, quality content. My head was in the clouds when it should have been in the trenches doing the hard work. My thinking was short-term and I had no business plan.

I am happy to tell you that is not the case with Rae Publishing. I have learned from my mistakes, grown a bit older, taken some remote mentors, and now I am ready to take a crack at this again. Even if I don’t make a dollar, I will still be putting out consistent and quality content, because reading and writing are my passions. At the minimum, this is a place where I can vent and organize my thoughts. At most, I’ll be able to touch people’s lives and inspire other’s to tell their story, their way whether it is in a blog or a novel.

…are you doing the work?

Now I ask you, is your head in the clouds or are you doing the work? This start-up cannot fail because I will never quit. I want to challenge you, dear reader, to find what it is you love and do that. If you truly love it, you will find the time and energy to do it. Grind through the tough days and celebrate on the good days. It takes grit.

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Question: Did you have an outlandish dream that one day you’d make it big?

You can leave a comment down below telling that story. I would love to hear from you.

Until tomorrow.

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