Reaching for a Galaxy Far, Far Away

I’ll never apologize for my love of Star Wars. It’s such a great story that speaks to the core of who I am and millions of others around the world. We as humans have a natural tendency to cheer for the underdog and push against control. I’ll never forget the single, greatest cinema experience I’ve ever had and yes, it was Star Wars. It was 2005 and I was 14 at the midnight release of Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith. My family and some friends waited outside of the theater for hours before the show. Everyone in line was dressed up. I was sporting a t-shirt with the original Episode IV movie cover. Others around us were dressed as clone troopersJediSith and of course, Darth Vader. Lightsabers and long robes were everywhere.

When the lights dimmed to begin the show, there was an uproar of raucous celebration as some of the first eyes in the nation fell onto the last of the prequel films and the final explanation of how Anakin Skywalker turned into our worst nightmare. Minutes in, the opening action scene climaxed with the confrontation of Anakin and his master Obi-wan Kenobi against Darth Tyranis (Count Dooku). As soon as the first lightsaber on screen was drawn, someone near the front of the movie theater stood up and activated their red lightsaber and moved toward the isle. Behind where I was sitting, someone else stood up and ignited their blue lightsaber. Three lightsabers clashed on screen as two clashed just feet from where we were sitting. Yells and cheers came from the crowd has Anakin vanquished his foe and the blue lightsaber in my world defeated the red.

Say what you want about the prequels versus the originals, animated shows like Clone Wars and Rebels, the new Disney continuations with Episodes VII, VIII, IX, or even Legends versus Canon when it comes to books, but I and millions of others love them all. George Lucas created something iconic for all time. Star Wars is something that has grown far beyond its creator and inspires millions more.

I want to write a Star Wars novel

One of my many professional goals is to write a Star Wars novel or many. Yes, Rae Publishing is an Indie Press and I want to self-publish, but Star Wars is where I’m going to break the mold and submit to “traditional” publishing with Disney Publishing Worldwide and Random House.

Right now, I’m nothing and I have nothing. You’re reading this on a free site, I have posted a half dozen articles, and a 72,000-word first draft manuscript sitting in Google Drive -along with another half a dozen uncompleted book projects. If I pitched a story idea to Disney, I probably wouldn’t get a response. That’s nothing against Disney. I bet they are pitched thousands of times a day and I wouldn’t listen to someone like me, were I in their position. Yet, my dream persists.

Fast forward with me ten years, now I have a successful indie press, written a few dozen books with several best sellers, have made a name for myself in the author community, and have a following of raving fans. When I pitch Disney I’ll be in a much better position to get that book published.

I did the work.

Why? Because I did the work. I wrote everything I could until my keyboard stopped working, I then bought a new keyboard, and kept writing. I don’t expect for my first book to turn into Wool or 50 Shades of Grey or for my tenth book to take off. I do expect to keep writing. Everything I do will be with the mindset of fulfilling my goals of being a self-published author with an indie press, bringing value, knowledge, and inspiration to other authors, and writing a Star Wars book.

What about you? Are you too caught up excuses or focusing too much on the nit-picky things that give little R.O.I.? What are your big, lofty, crazy dreams and what are you doing to achieve those dreams? Your employee manual can wait if it’s keeping you from going out there and getting a new client or from writing that next chapter in your novel. Everything you do should be a chess move in your ultimate strategy for achieving that goal. This post and the thousands more like it, are part of the chess game to get a Star Wars book published.


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The question of the day: What’s your lofty dream that keeps you doing what you’re doing?

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