When to Try Something Different

Have You Plateaued?

As a frequent visitor to various workout and nutrition forums, I constantly see posts that go something like this: Title – Am I Plateaued?, Body – “Hey everyone. I’m a 28 year old male, 6ft 1in, current weight: 245lbs, goal weight: 185, and I haven’t lost weight in six weeks after losing two pounds a week for ten weeks. Have I plateaued? Thanks!”

Something interesting happens next where the poster doesn’t get immediate answers only more questions: “Are you tracking your macros?” “Are you tracking your calories?” “What’s your workout routine?” “Do you have cheat meals?” “How’s your water intake?” “Do you take supplements or vitamins?” “How’s your rest?” On and on and on the questions go. Eventually, the thread will conclude whether the person’s weight has plateaued or not, while recommending some changes to help break the stalemate.


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Ask Yourself These Questions

There are many questions that keep business owners up at night: Should I keep focusing on marketing or RnD? When should I give up on a poorly performing employee or product? When should I stop writing this book and publish it? Every person and every situation are different. A lot of these can be intimate decisions when you are debating on something like working late instead of going to your child’s school event or a friend’s wedding. Ask yourself these questions before making a big business decision.

How Long Has This Been an Issue?

How long has your product not been performing as well as you expected? How long have you been losing productivity due to your technology provider? The first kind of question I want you to ask is how long has this been an ongoing issue or is it something that started up recently? Only you or you and your finance team can answer the question how much longer it can go on. How long can you sustain a loss until you back out? Still, much like the people on the forums, if you change up something too early, you may be worse off than if you had stuck it out. Only time will tell.

Does This Decision Play Into the Company’s Overall Strategy?

I wrote about strategy versus tactics yesterday. Before making a decision you should always look to see if what you are currently doing and what you want to do both fit into the overall long term, strategic plan of the company. Perhaps what you’re doing now is not part of the new strategy. In that case, the decision should be easy if it brings you into focusing on the long term goals. If the decision moves you away from your strategy, you either need to reevaluate the strategy, or not make the move.

Will This Decision Affect the Culture of the Company?

Company culture is something that is very important from a solopreneur or a company the size of GE. How your team members feel is vitally important. The happier they are, the more productive they will be. You should ask yourself how your big decision will affect them. Don’t be afraid to ask them directly and explain what you want to do.

What About the Brand?

I wrote on brand a few days ago too. Your brand is how your customers perceive you. They associate a certain level of quality, functionality, and design when it comes to products or services. Think about how you will be perceived by your previous and current customers as well as any potential customers. Making a big change may alienate current customers or turn off new ones.

Much like being on a sports or nutrition forum, the answer is different for every person. Maybe the guy asking for weight loss advice needs to stop having cheat meals on the weekend, even though he ate healthy through the week. Perhaps the girl is focusing too much on cardio and is burned out. Each person and situation will merit their own special concoction of solutions to the problem. All you need to do is ask the right questions.


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