Waiting on Monday

Enjoy the Weekend

We have all said the same thing before making a big lifestyle change. Whether it’s a new diet and workout plan or new hobby, we often say, “I’m going to enjoy the weekend. I’ll start on Monday.” It gets worse with New Year’s resolutions. People are thinking about the new year and the new person they want to be the whole week after the holidays. Some people want to start exercising while others want to give up smoking. “I’ll quit next year,” they say. “Beginning on the first, I’ll start (or stop).”

It seems there is more pressure or anticipation to the lead up of a big life change than when we actually do it. We love the idea of change, but when it comes time to change do we follow through? Do you start (or stop) what you promised when Monday arrives or when it is January 1st? Many times Monday comes and goes. Tuesday arrives and we tell ourselves that we missed our chance and we will try again next Monday. On and on and on it goes. Monday to Sunday and around again.

Last Friday I wrote extensively about Star Wars and focused on Luke Skywalker. The movie A New Hope (1977) showed a young man possibly more in love with the idea of leaving his uncle’s moisture farm than actually doing it. When his inciting incident happened we saw his reaction. Luke was finally thrust into movement to do something better.


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Selling and Sold

“Do or Do Not. There Is No Try.”

Waiting on Monday

In October 2016, I had one of my breaking points. I’ve been writing short stories, blogs, copywriting, and other things for years. Still, I had never finished a full-length novel (over 50,000 words) in my life. I had usually made it through the intro and into the “soggy middle” but either lost interest, became too busy, or in one case had a hard drive die with an unrecoverable error. I had heard about National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo), but I had never done it. A few days before the event I made up my mind. I was going to finish 50,000 words in 30 days. November 1st, a Tuesday, was my Monday. I had a basic idea of how to start, add some sort of climax in the middle, but I had no idea how my novel would end. I spent two or three days plotting and on November 1st, I went for it. Thirty days later, I had written 50,076 words. I had done it! I finished my first novel.

Monday is a very important day for most of us. It begins the both the business week and the calendar week in our minds. Each Monday is a fresh start to try something new or rekindle something old. It was a Monday when this article posted and maybe you’re reading it on a Tuesday. Are you waiting on Monday to change your life? Don’t wait until Monday.

Thanksgiving 2016 was my major breaking point. I told myself for years that I would diet, workout, and lose weight. For the last ten years I had waited for Monday and tried every diet you can imagine. It was the last Friday in November that became my Monday. After being miserable the day before from gluttony, I decided enough was enough, and I was finished with corpulence. I went on a diet. I watched my macros, ate real food, drank more water, cut out soda and other empty calories, and finally began to work out. Within weeks I could tell my body was changing. It’s still changing nearly four months later.

Make Today Monday

It’s Wednesday. Monday came and gone this week. There is nothing magical about Monday or January 1st. What matters is action and consistency. Starting is the hardest part. No matter if today is Tuesday or Saturday or Monday you need to start doing whatever you have been telling yourself you need to do. Throw out chips and make a salad. Crush your pack of cigarettes. Apply for that job you have been wanting. Ask out that guy or girl who you keep running into. Regardless of what you have been meaning to do, start it today and make today your Monday.


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The question of the day: What are you waiting on? Please comment below.

Until tomorrow

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