Fear of Social Media Lasting Forever

Information Never Dies

Many companies are resistant to embrace social media or show some personality on the platforms. They fear the forever aspect of the Internet in the case they give out the wrong information, offend someone, or post anything damaging to their image. Sometimes posts or responses have to go through an approval process or even through legal review before they make it up, which can take days. How can you actively engage with followers if it takes you three days to respond to a question? It’s likely the opportunity to make a connection or sale would be lost.


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Embrace Forever

Forever is not a death sentence. It can also be a point of reference, a moment in time to look back on where you came from, and where you are today. Americans in particular, are obsessed with makeover shows, whether it’s restoring old cars, plastic surgery, or weight loss transformations. Embrace forever as a time capsule of mistakes you’ve made and learned from rather than fearing things surviving on the Internet.

If you send out wrong information, append it or repost the proper information with an apology. There will always be someone who gets offended. If someone gets offended by your content, they aren’t your audience. Just use your own judgment and evaluate the risk. Finally, brands should change over time. If you damage your brand, clean yourself up, apologize to those you need to, and rebuild your brand equity again. It will take time, but you can do it.

People have short attention span on the information highway that is the social media. If you mess up, fix it and move on. Don’t let the fear of the future keep you from reaping the rewards of finding your 1,000 True Fans or growing your business.


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