Clark Kent: Man Between Two Worlds

Balancing Your Passion and Day Job

Clark Kent had a problem. He was both Superman and a normal guy. There was everyone from Ultra-Humanite to Doomsday who were trying to defeat him, along with handling the Justice League. On the other side, he had Lois Lane, the Daily Planet, and his glasses. Part of the irony and draw of the Superman comics was watching him act as an average person. A character who could pick up an airplane, but pretended to be locked out of desk drawer was comical. It was interesting reading about a man who could do everything but showed restraint.

Kent relates to many people today. You have those who work for someone else and also work for themselves. Monday through Friday, 9-to-5 they sit in a cubicle, while 7-to-midnight and all day on weekends they pursue their passions. Sometimes the nightly work is just a hobby. Other times it’s a business. These hardworking souls are caught between two worlds: one they tolerate and one that inspires.

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Master of Two Worlds

The Master of Two Words stems from the Monomyth, where a classic Greek hero would become knowledgeable of the known and unknown worlds after defeating the enemy. The point of the hero’s journey was for them to learn “the moral of the story.” Once they learned it, they were master of two worlds and a better person for it.

I want you to be master of two worlds and better off for it. I don’t know where you are in your professional, personal, financial, or artistic lives. You may have a great reason to keep a day job and work early mornings, late nights, holidays, and weekends for your passions–I do. Instead of looking at one of your projects as a crutch or a nuisance, look at it as a learning experience. You will appreciate the things you love by doing what you hate. Put in the work and don’t be too hasty to quit your day job before you are ready.

The question of the day: Are you working a passion or hobby on the side?

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