There Is no “Hack” for Business

Building a Business Through Work

The word “hack” pi**es me off. Every day there is a new headline with the word “hack” in it. This could be in a positive context like how to hack your life or increase productivity or in a negative way like a major department store’s financial system was hacked. Most uses of the word “hack” have nothing to do with the actual, original hacking and have been doomed to be a buzzword.

The term hacking was first used at M.I.T. pertaining to working with the electrical system in the 1950s. Later, it was used for someone who would piece together different parts of computer program code in the 1960s.

The modern context of hacking implies someone who maliciously exploits software or as a way to take shortcuts to doing work. I’ll focus on the second part.

A list of eight definitions for hack was released from M.I.T. in the 1960s. Every one of them implied someone took the time to learn something and worked hard to be an expert. My problem with hacking headlines is that most imply a quick fix, not hard work to be a subject matter expert or to see results. It’s a short-term tactic, not a long-term strategy.

There is no hack for doing business. You cannot expect to be successful after reading: Use These 3 Hacks to Jumpstart Your Business. If you’re drawn to those things, then you are going to have a hard life.

Business is about doing the work, enjoying the slow climb, and building relationships with your True Fans. Running to the next quick hacking article is a short-sided tactic that will not pay out in the long run.

Is there value in these articles? I cannot say for certain that all are bad, but most are. It depends if you are in the business of helping people or yourself. Building a long-term business will take time, but you can do it, maybe with the help of a few hacks along the way.

The question of the day: What’s your hack for building a business?

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