The Evangelism Business

Every Business Should Be in the Business of Creating Evangelists

Being Remarkable

Every business should be in the business of creating something remarkable. It’s easy to fall into the trap of doing something that has been done before. Why take risks with something you aren’t sure will succeed? Hollywood in particular, is guilty of trying to make the same types of movies or reboot old classics.

I have already written about having 1,000 True Fans. You have to be in the evangelism business to get those True Fans.

An evangelist is defined by Merriam-Webster as, “an enthusiastic advocate.” Such an advocate is the ultimate achievement of a business. The point of being in business is to support your customers and fix their problems. If you can fulfill their needs, then they may thank you and suggest you to their friends.

We have this wonderful superhighway of information on the Internet and social media. Most people make their purchasing decisions based on suggestions from friends or what they read on social media. Having people talk about you in a positive light is important.

Creating Evangelists

Creating evangelists may be easier than you think. First, fulfill the needs of your customer beyond their expectation. Have you ever heard of the saying of, ”Under promise and over deliver?” It works. Second, always be engaging on social media. Let them know you care about them. If you make them a priority, even when not selling something, they will make you a priority when they aren’t looking to buy. Third, be authentic. People do business with other people, not logos. Whether you’re B2B or B2C, there is still someone else on the other side of that transaction. Treat them like a person and act like one yourself. Finally, be remarkable by giving people something to talk about. Create content that is easily shared and consumed with a mixture of short and long form content.

Having your True Fans is important, but you also need your evangelists. You need people to talk about your brand and products. Creating something that is worth talking about and engaging in the conversation are great places to start in building your followers who tell others about you.

The question of the day: Do your fans tell others about you?

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