Power of an Apology

Americans Are Obsessed with the Cover Up


News headlines and screen tickers bombard us daily with information about a celebrity having an affair, a company embezzling millions of dollars, a political figure using their influence for personal gain, etc. Scandals are everywhere. There are TV shows and even channels that are dedicated to sniffing them out and getting to the real truth behind it all.

The lie is more fastinating than the truth.

The lie is the best part, right? Watching a senator blame a hacker for posting inappropriate pictures or rude comments on their social media is entertaining. We love it and cannot get enough of the cover-up. The lie is more fascinating than the truth. Viewers don’t care if it was malicious, accidental, or idiotic. We care about the fabricated story everyone tries to use in order to squeeze out it.

Power of an Apology

Try this one, apologize. I know it’s an archaic concept, but it works. Don’t give your family, your friends, your company, or the media ammunition to use against you when you mess up. If you’re wrong, then you’re wrong. Apologize, move on, and live with the implications of your actions. This applies to your personal life and business. If you offend someone on social media, then make it right the first time. You will be surprised at how quickly people can forgive and move on to the next scandal someone else was trying to cover up.

The question of the day: What scandal can you think of where the person admitted it and the press forgot about them?

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