Art as a Business

Don’t Be a Starving Artist

Art as Suffering

Artists can be melodramatic at times. I know because I am one. Sometimes we feel if we aren’t suffering for our work, then it is worthless or we are betraying what it means to be an artist. We hate it when a band Sold Out and relish telling the story, “I followed them when nobody knew who they were. They aren’t the same after signing with a label. They sold out.” I’ve uttered these exact words dozens of times.

Art as Expression

Art is the way we express or explain ourselves. The art is ours and no one can own it. It’s the truest representation of ourselves. If we sell it, then we cannot control it. If we cannot control it, then we cannot control ourselves. We are doomed to starve and suffer for our art.

Art as a Business

The gatekeepers are gone. We no longer have to toil with the dilemma of whether to sell our art or to eat. No more do we have to query agents and submit to publishers. No more do we have sign record deals. No more do we have work for a movie studio. No more do we need someone else to commission pieces. We have control of our art.

The digital revolution is here. You can go directly to the consumer whether you are selling books on Kindle Direct Publishing, music on Soundcloud, videos and movies on Youtube, or physical or digital paintings on Etsy. Don’t forget to use social media and build your 1,000 True Fans. Keep your soul and your stomach full in the new age.

The question of the day: How can you go directly to the consumer with your art?

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