Your Book Cover’s Promise

Book Covers Are Essential to Selling Novels

You should most definitely judge a book by its cover. I give you permission, but I’m only talking about books.

Your book cover is its most important sales tool, and it is what is going to attract the reader’s eye. There is a reason publishers pay high dollar for the end caps of bookshelves in bookstores or to be on the tables as customers walk in the door. The book cover will catch their eye begging to be opened.

The same can be said about the ecommerce retailers. Every listing on a site has a thumbnail for a book’s cover. There are also places to upload images of the back of the book and binding as well.

Your book cover makes a big promise to the reader. Much like the sales funnel the book cover is there to get the customer to open the book. The first sentence is to get them to read the second. The second… and so on until they finished the book.

If your book is the product, then the cover is the fancy packaging. Do you like the new car smell? It is visually the same for your book cover.

Your book cover makes a promise.

Your book cover makes a promise. It begs to be opened and visually displays what is happening on the inside. Do you like what you see on the outside? You’ll never guess what’s on the inside, unless you open the wardrobe to discover the fantastic world within.


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