Don’t Undervalue Working for Free

The Trick to Starting Out

Free is underrated in a world where people are looking to make a quick buck. They think of immediate success when starting out on a new venture. Potential business owners look at the market to see who is buying and who is selling. Then they make the decision to do it themselves because they think they can be better than everyone else. This may be true but starting out is harder than buying a domain and getting a fancy logo.

I always hated applying for jobs that were considered entry-level but required x-number of years experience. The dilemma is revealed. How does one get experience without a job, and how does one get a job without experience? Round and round it goes.

99.9999999999% of the world has no idea who you are and that’s okay. I, myself, am another drop of water in the big pond. The best way to build a reputation and get experience is to work for free. Offer free samples or do your first several jobs for free. That way, there is no risk to your customer. If they are satisfied with your work, then you can ask for reviews or testimonials you can put on your site. You can display those reviews to attract other, paying customers.

The value of free can also apply if you need experience in looking for a job. Ask around for internships and work for free in your industry while you work another job to pay the bills. Get some time under your belt and ask who oversees your internship to be a reference when you are looking for other jobs. Many internships lead to full-time paid positions.

The value of free goes beyond dollars in your pocket. It builds relationships and credibility.

The question of the day: Would you work for free to build experience and use cases?

Until tomorrow.


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