Stop Lurking

Calling Out the Lurkers

We are inundated with people trying to catch our attention. Banner ads, billboards, social media promoted posts, and plenty of content creators finishing articles or videos with:

Please like, share, comment, and subscribe!

What’s the deal? Why should you like, share or subscribe? After this article, I hope you will interact more with my content as well as anyone else you find interesting.

Liking and Sharing

First of all, liking and sharing are the ultimate form of flattery. Content creators–myself included–live off of viewers liking and sharing. It confirms that you like what we are doing and that we should keep doing it.


Commenting is a vital part of conversational social media. It allows the creators to get viable feedback on their work and a chance to engage with those who consume their content. This feedback loop is important for the artist to get better at their craft and to refine it for their True Fans.


Subscriptions are the ultimate achievement for creators. It means people want to be notified when they create something. This is also the beginning of a Tribe. Having a group of people informed and engaged at the same time in a singular community is crucial for artists.

Call to Action

If you like something or think someone else you know will, then share it. Comments are a way to see more of the content you like and don’t forget to subscribe to channels, blogs, social media accounts for stuff that interests you. The silent majority is not enough for developers. Creative types need you to stop lurking and engage with us. It’s our oxygen.

The question of the day: Will you reply to this question?

Thanks for reading this Daily Download. Please follow and comment on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest to keep the conversation going.

Until tomorrow.


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