The Legend of Sisyphus

Motivated for the Right Reasons

Motivational quote pictures are everywhere. They are visual, short, easily shareable, and elicit a reaction. Most of the time they are great and give people–myself included–an extra jolt to get through whatever is going on at that time.

Follow a few motivational accounts and you will come across a picture of someone rolling a boulder up a hill, similar to the featured image. It always comes accompanied with a saying such as,

Determination is not giving up until you reach the top.

Or my favorite one,

Never give up, no matter what.

Let’s review some history. The story of a man rolling a stone up a hill is based on Greek mythology of an ancient king named Sisyphus (sis-u-fos), who was punished by the gods for his self-aggrandizing craftiness and deceitfulness. His sentence was to push a massive stone up a hill in hell only for it to roll back down and crush him. This process of pushing and being crushed would repeat for eternity.

Being Self-Aware and Honest

We can learn a number of things from Sisyphus. He had no hope of ever escaping his fate. It will take massive amounts of honesty and self-awareness, but if there is something you are doing in your life or in your business that will not make a difference, then don’t do it. If you hate doing something but trudge on despite you think it’s the right thing, it may not be the right thing. If it is but it’s not right for you, then you need to get someone else in your organization who can do it for you. If you dread doing a task or even procrastinating, then it is toxic for you and those around you.

Self-awareness and honesty are vital for business owners and creatives. You must give yourself an audit of your strengths, weaknesses, and interests. Can someone do something better than you? Let them do it. This all hinges on being honest. Face the hard questions and embrace the change. Don’t let yourself be bound to hell like Sisyphus.

The question of the day: What are you doing in your business that brings zero impact to yourself, your organization, or your customers?

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Until tomorrow.

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