Stop Procrastination–Now

Slaying the Procrastination Monster

Procrastination is brutal. It’s this big, dark cloud that hangs over our lives and our businesses. We will all experience it in one form or another if given enough time. The trick is figuring out how to defeat it.


Call it what it is. If you are procrastinating something, then you need to admit what it is and how it makes you feel. Now the question is why do you dread it? Does it take up too much time? Is it beyond your skill set or isn’t interesting to you? Use some honest self-awareness. Assuming you cannot have someone else do the task for you, whether a coworker or otherwise, then here are some tips to conquer your procrastination.

Breaking the Cycle

Breaking the cycle of procrastination is all about breaking your behaviors and the task(s) down into steps.

Set the Right Atmosphere

I wrote about setting the right atmosphere in a previous Daily Download. Having the right workspace where you feel safe, comfortable, and focused is essential. Perhaps you need a change of scenery. Go to that coffee shop you’ve been wanting to try or sit in a park under the sun. Sometimes breaking up the routine will get the creativity flowing.

Default Behaviors

This is similar to setting the right atmosphere. We all have behaviors we default to when we are in a stressful state of mind. Maybe yours is lying in bed after work for “a minute to chill” before you start working on your business, but you never seem to make it out of bed. Break the procrastination behavior whenever it may strike and don’t let it keep you from doing what you need to do.

Baby Steps

Often procrastination will result when we have a huge project and we don’t know where to start. This is where I struggle. I have so much to do between writing these articles, researching new ones, web design, sample edits, client edits, social media engagement, guest blogging, writing a nonfiction book for authors, and much, much more.

My trick is to break down write down everything I need to do. This can be on a notepad or–my favorite– in productivity software like Asana. Once I have things written down and organized the project becomes less daunting.


Time is valuable and also plays a large role in your productivity. I’ve also had to be self-aware in this aspect. I know that I’m more creative in the morning; thus, I write in the morning, engage in social media, website design in the afternoon, and edit in the evening. Knowing what time of day is suited for the right kind of task should help slay the procrastination monster.

The question of the day: What are you procrastinating right now?

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Until tomorrow.


One thought on “Stop Procrastination–Now

  1. Great article, I can relate to a lot of these points.
    I have a long list of blog topics that I need to start but I think I made my list too big and am now overwhelmed by the idea of completing them all. Today I wrote each topic on an individual postit so I can only see one topic at a time, once I am done I will tear that postit off the pile and stick it to my wall of achievements! It’s a basic idea but fingers crossed it will work!


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