Discussion of Linchpin by Seth Godin

Being Indispensable

Seth Godin does not like factories. A factory does not have to be a huge building with an assembly line and thousands of workers. It could be an office, or a flower shop; anywhere a job manual could be written for a position that does not require passion or individuality.

Being a Linchpin is about being indispensable, whether you work in a factory or not. Linchpins don’t do work. They make art. They make choices. They take ownership.

A Linchpin holds everything together.

A Linchpin’s art is much like any other art; it can only be done by that person. Millions of people paint, write books, play music, design, film, record, and more, but each person’s art is special and unique to them. A Linchpin is unique to their organization.

Factories write manuals and draw maps for their workers. Linchpins make their own maps and disregard manuals. When others avoid a task because it wasn’t in their job description, Linchpins do what needs to be done.

Finally, Linchpins always give more than they receive. They are looking for new ways to innovate and impact those around them. These people are self-aware of themselves and their team.

The question of the day: Are you indispensable?

Until tomorrow.

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